4 major Steps For Flexographic Printing Plate Making

The making of the flexographic printing plates is a process that includes very intricate details to ensure quality plates are produced. You first need to invest in the best quality flexographic printing plate making machine. This is one of the crucial components.

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Step1: Understand the Task

The first thing that you need to do is to understand the kind of flexographic printing plate you will be making. This is vital because it will determine most of the steps that will follow. These are questions you need answers to before you can start with any preparation.

Step 2: Select Material/Substrate

The second thing that you need to consider is the material that you need for the plates. For the longest time, rubber has been used for making these plates. But the use of photopolymer has been increasing in the recent past because of the many benefits it has over other available materials. The grade of the material matters the most if you want to get quality plates. Therefore, you need to take the choice of materials seriously.

Step 3: Engraving Machine

Now that you understand the quality of the plates, you need to go for the engraving machine that can deliver that quality. You already have the material, and thus you need a machine that can engrave the substrate. You should also ensure that it has the necessary throughput to hit the recommended production rate. If you already have the machine, ensure that it is in perfect condition. That’s how you get the best production rate and quality plates.

Step 4: Make Plates

With all the plate specifications, material and machine ready, you can start with the engraving or the making of the plates. You need to set the machine to ensure that the printing image is fed into the computer, ready for engraving. Then put the plate material in place and start with the engraving of the printing image. This should be done by a professional engraving machine operator.


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